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Rossinavi Utopia IV, 63m Superyacht, Boat Review

2019-09-17 13:58:56 Changzhou youbang boat Co.,Ltd. Read

Italian Grace Meets American Dream; Rossinavi 63m Utopia IV

If one had to envision what the word Utopia would look like upon the waves, the Rossinavi 63m yacht would subconsciously spring to mind. The term Utopia refers to ‘an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect’. Stepping foot onto the 63m yacht with its soft and supple muted colors, its glorious glass sided swimming pool, and its commitment to creating space for which a family can rest, grow and play – Utopia is all about striking balance for beautiful moments to bloom.


Rossinavi – the brand behind the imagining and launch of Utopia IV have already made history with several stunning yachts including The Flying Dagger, Lady in Blue, and Vector 50. After starting life as fishing boat welders its been an amazing journey from a name that never lost sight of its love and pure passion for the ocean. Utopia seems to be where all those threads have finally woven together, especially as the project married the Viareggio shipyard with the Venetian design team led by Enrico Gobbi.

Low Slung Speed and Silhouettes

Commissioned with America in mind; Utopia IV occupies that architectural space between being a low-slung speed boat with lashings of attitude and echoing the heart and heritage of traditional sleek yacht designs. Her slate grey and sparkling white exterior holds power and her prowess on the waves is fast and firm. Federico Rossi of Rossinavi spoke with elegance of the importance of creating something unique with Utopia IV; “We wanted it to feel like a speedboat, with a minimum draft, efficient in its range of navigation, with an intelligent propulsion and completely tailor-made.”

Despite everyone raving about the lightness of foot and Achilles like speed of Utopia, this doesn’t come at a compromise when it comes to her heavyweight stats. No less than four 2600-MTU M96L engines are partnered with the power of Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets – together they pack a punch, taking Utopia from rippling speeds to a roaring 33 knots when she gets out of the dock and onto open water. Of course, top speeds aren’t always needed for calm summer cruising, so Utopia is set to glide gloriously through Halcyon days with a speed of 26 knots.

A Space Laid Out for Family Love

The main deck aft is one of those family spaces that seems to be pulled from the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalogue. Everything is The back deck boasts a beautiful lounging space centered in front of the glass sided swimming pool. Children can splash and laugh in freedom while adults can kick back on the plush white and soft grey sofas scattered with brightly splashed turquoise cushions that shimmer with the same light as the swimming pool.

Separated by an auto sliding glass door, it’s a few steps into the soaring space of the Main Salon. As soon as you step foot inside Utopia IV, you can feel the ebb of worry flow out the door. Here, there is a commitment to wideness that invites space to breathe and brings echoes of the ocean. The color scheme is gleaming wood, soothing monochrome and clean whites punctuated with punchy blue touches to bring it back to hues that match both the Mediterranean and the kiss of the Caribbean.