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Cooperate with Tianjin AMADA Shipping Technology

2019-08-05 15:55:37 Changzhou youbang boat Co.,Ltd. Read
Tianjin AMADA Shipping Technology Development Co., Ltd. is specialized in all kinds of high-performance public service and passenger ship research and development units. Mainly engaged in various types of high-speed, medium and small public service law enforcement boats, work boats, transport passenger and fishing boat research and design, and provide technical advice services. Its related professional and technical personnel complete set, especially in high-performance yacht ship research and development, and ship, machine, pulp (or pump) matching, has rich experience in solid boat design and good performance. In terms of speed, airworthiness, economy and cost performance, AMADA is superior to similar products. The products are distributed in 157 factories in 18 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and their cooperative production units cover the vast majority of medium and small shipyards with different material quality and good quality in mainland china.
AMADA has been designed for users at home and abroad more than 300 types of boats, involving 4 kinds of 38 kinds of monomer, dimer, three, five conventional, unconventional and wave energy saving ship, boat material covers Aluminum Alloy, glass steel, steel, steel aluminum and steel glass composite, in rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Has been widely used in transportation, maritime search and rescue, and smuggling, shipboard, inspection, pilotage, fire and wind power operation and passenger transport, tourism and other sectors. The main scale of the product is 3.5 meters ~62 meters (11.5~203.4 feet) from the captain, and the speed is from 6.5~74.2 (12~137.4 km / h). AMADA with a large number of technical reserves and practical experience for the protection, in a short period of time, research and development to meet the special water or new ship special requirements, such as the draft of 0.4 meters below the shallow waters of official boat, special work boats, high altitude waters ultra high speed boats and bulletproof armor craft etc..
AMADA has a series of yacht amiata technique is practical, reliable and advanced, on the high seas sailing stability and ride comfort greatly improved; flexibility is 1.3~2.6 times of conventional boats, heaving, pitching, heading, anti slip indexes such as superior, ship, engine and propeller matching is reasonable, high efficiency of the system, the failure rate is low; environmental protection and energy saving, save the engine power of 15%~22%, to ensure the high performance, low power consumption and low cost, life cycle management and economic performance is superior to conventional boats.