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Cooperate with Jiangsu Jintai Boat Design Company

2019-08-05 15:54:52 Changzhou youbang boat Co.,Ltd. Read
Jiangsu Jintai Boat Design Company is a professional boat design company which locates in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. The company has participated in the design of domestic public bidding, the main items are: Yangzi BASF Chemical Wharf Engineering, 4000t (barges) such cargo ships, the water resources of Taihu Yangtze River hydrological monitoring mobile ship (jet propulsion) etc.. In competition with the domestic first-class design institute, the company won the bid with advanced optimization program and high quality service. The company in the "Ming Dynasty Zheng He Bao ship" in the domestic public design tender, the expert assessment at one fell swoop, the design drawings have been DNV and CCS joint examination approved, has now entered the construction phase. The multi - purpose surveying ship and patrol boat designed by our company have been finalized by the Yangtze River channel system and incorporated into the "12th Five-Year" promotion ship type. Company designed products won the Ministry, provincial awards. From 2007 to 2010, Jiangsu has been named as the "prestige unit" of ship design quality.
Company's business scope: Ship Research and design, ship development, ship engineering supervision, supervision, ship construction design and production design, steel structure supervision. The main direction of Changzhou branch: the research and development of FRP Yacht, high-speed boats, boats, boat traffic; antique wooden sailing, motorized boats, sport boats design.
The company is based on a high starting point, high quality, high technology, the introduction of high-level talent, optimize the technical team. At present, the company has more than 45 technical personnel, more than 26 mid-level titles. High school level professionals, has won many national and provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards.